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Thanks everyone for liking the page, keep it up! :)
Merry Christmas to all of you! Have a nice day with your family!
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Thanks a lot guys :)
Hey guys,

I am leaving deviantART. I wont be checking this site anymore.
If you want to stay in touch with me, follow me on twitter or send me an email.

Thanks :)
Hi to all!

Please go to this video…
Leave a comment, rate and share it with your friends.

Thanks Thanks Thanks! <3
Some of you may noticed, i have created a Group here on deviantART.
Soon i'll start posting stuff there and collect the best of music i can find on deviantART.
If you are a musician, feel free to join already.

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Hey guys,

so it's been nearly 3 months that i havent been on deviantART. Why?
My Old Computer gave up it's life. I dont know why but the mainboard died and i didnt want to invest money in the old PC.
So yeah now i have a new Laptop and I am very statisfied with it.
Now to the bad news: I got an adapter for IDE/SATA to USB and Guess what? My Harddisk isnt even running and i cant access my files.
What does that mean? I wont be able to complete The Snow Leopard Styles. There are some people i sent a beat Version. If you want, contact me and i'll give permission to release it.
Maybe it was meant to be. I should stop doing OSX Styles. There are so many OSX Styles in the Windows 7 Section, i dont think there is room for another one.

Hope you can understand that. I'll probably start creating unique styles again.

Laptop Specs:
Sony Vaio F
1920x1080 Screen
Intel Core i7
nVidia 330GT 1GB
BluRay Writer

Finally a pretty decent machine after using a Pentium D :D
Hey Guys.
There are some small issues in the Visual Style, so i'm asking you for help.
If you are interested, let me know in the comments today, in which following Parts you can help:

- Taskbar Live Preview Background
- Aero Snap Borders
- Start Button (I have the images ready, just need to get it in explorer.exe to be aligned perfectly on the taskbar)

That's it.
Please guys do me a favor and digg this…

About my Themes: I'll release them in just a week. That means 3rd February. If you havent yet, add me to your watchlist :)
Sorry for the late update, i had important exams in school.
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Hey guys, just want to give you a quick update... I was extremely busy with school the past month, that's why i couldn't work much on my themes. Now that vacation started, i can work on it again. But don't expect it too soon, probably AFTER christmas.

That's it for now. I wish you guys a great holiday! Have fun with your friends and family.

Patrick :)
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... 10.6 and SLD for Windows 7. Coming Soon.

What's left 'till it is done?
- Taskbar
- Startmenu
- ListView Items
- AeroPeek Feauters

Most requested Feauters included:
- Windows Flag as Startbutton
- Black, Dark Theme (SLD)
- Normal Taskbar Height (not thin)
- Less Space between Caption Buttons
- Better Shadows
- No installer, just a simple theme

The Best thing?
- No UXtheme Patch requiered, therefore safest Visual Style(s) ever.
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Anyone here that wants to earn some money? I need someone to help me with my current Visual Style, because i am pretty busy but still need to finish it. I just need someone for the Window Borders and caption Buttons. That's it. We can talk about payment if you are interessted.
Just comment here.
More Up to Date then my deviantART Profile: My Twitter Profile.
Please follow me.
Hey! :)

For all those who ever installed VistaOSX or planned to do, visit my front page, as there are Important news.

For quite a time i have been inactive, because of school, but now my vacations started so i can upload some stuff again. I plan to work more on Visual Styles and drop my App Projects. They take too long and i need more experience yet. Let's go back to the good old Visual Style times! :D

One Question: Are you runinng Vista or 7?

I need to know so i can create a VS for the OS most people are using.


Good friend and classmate of mine. Add him to your Watchers List, Fav and Comment. I Promise there is some great stuff coming.

Hey folks! :)

A good friend of mine who is in the University of Frankfut in Germany is doing Webdesign. Professional Webdesign with Flash and all that stuff you need.

Today he told me about a special offer that is available for a short time. Get a Professional Webdesign with content for just 330$

Now you think what`s so special about that... I can tell you! It's not just a template Website, he creates Websites optimized just for you. You can even send a Photoshop Mockup and he will code it for no additional paying. I can tell you that this guy is really professional in his work.

Contact me now by commenting here :)

Community Project :) Join Now!

Mon Mar 2, 2009, 6:39 AM

Are you interested in Developing Apps? Do you have some experience in VB, C# or C++ programming? Join Now! I am planning to continue Protues in a team, so join now and be a part of Proteus Shell - the fastest and most eye pleasing Shell Alternative, including nice features like Coverflow, Animated Icons and multitouch support. :)

Leave a comment now to join! :)

Now on Twitter

Tue Feb 24, 2009, 3:45 AM

Just look at the Twitter Module and follow me if you have twitter :)

I hope you will find something in my gallery which matches your taste. If you like my work, don´t hesitate to :+fav: and :+devwatch: :D :D I also like to hear suggestions and criticism.

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:peace: Patrick G.

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Journal Entry: Tue Feb 10, 2009, 9:59 AM

Take a look at this Stuff

:: Lumen VS :: by sweatyfish DREAM by Msch Rain by OmeN2501 uTorrent 2008 by Vathanx

Some of you might think: Where is patrickgs right? Here is the answer: I am busy with school, but i am still working on some cool stuff.

Coming soon - NEXTLevel for Windows 7 - The great work of Vathanx ported!

Proteus is paused at the moment and i am not sure if i will continue in near future. I will try to concentrate more on skinning interfaces :D I will soon come up with some nice Visual Styles again, so keep an eye on my gallery & add me to your Watch List.

I just recorded a new Video… There are some wrong notes but i didnt want to record the whole stuff again. If you have an youtube account, please subscribe and add to favourites / comment.

As you maybe already noticed, there is a forum on my profile page. If you have questions, start a new thread :)

Thats all for now :peace:


I hope you will find something in my gallery which matches your taste. If you like my work, don´t hesitate to :+fav: and :+devwatch: :D :D I also like to hear suggestions and criticism.

Donate a little bit by clicking here.

:peace: Patrick G.


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